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My Turquoise 1956 Chevrolet pick up wasnít going to just anyone to restore!  Iím the second owner for the past 10 years and the original owner loved that truck so much that I had to honor him by allowing only the most competent restorer the job.  Iíd waited 10 years and was prepared to wait another 15 until I located the perfect person to competently do the job. 

I chose Dan Miller for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he restored two extremely rare and expensive authentic movie cars for me and the results were truly better than I had paid for or imagined! 

I couldnít wait to see how the new turquoise paint would turn out on the 56 Chevy, but Dan called me and said, ďI donít want to paint it because itís too nice to cover and I want the authentic original look of the truck to remain.Ē  In all, Danís integrity and honesty impressed me, as he turned down a lot of money in work on the truck because authenticity was that important to him.

I have done well for myself in the business world and was prepared to spend whatever it might cost because this old truck is so important to me.  When I envisioned restoring it, I never thought that it would be a brilliant young man, rather a full team of ďaged experts.Ē Retrospectively, I now realize that their years would have doubled the price and not one of them would have loved and cared for this unique old gem more than Dan Miller!  He is wise far beyond his years!  He was timely every step of the way including the delivery of the completed truck back to Texas.

If you are serious about restoring any make of car or truck, get bids from two or three restoration shops, then give me a buzz (469-222-4272).  While I canít make the final decision for you, I can tell you of the talent that Dan possesses.  I own many vintage cars and motorcycles and the three cars that Dan restored for me remain my favorites.  Part of the reason is simply my passion for themÖbut the other part was Danís passion! 

-Doug Kaufmann


Doug Kaufmann's original paint 1956 Chevrolet 3200 Pickup.


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