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Chances are that if you need it done, it's already been done here.  


  • Complete brake system replacement, including disc brake upgrades

  • Complete wiring systems replacement or troubleshooting

  • Interior work

  • Exterior body work (dent repair, rust repair)

  • Exterior refinishing

  • Complete engine builds (used overhauls and new zero mileage build-ups)

  • And everything in between!


Click here to see our floor pan replacement technique.


Click here to see a rear clip being fitted and finished to perfection.


The difference between a "pretty good" and a "perfect" job is a keen eye, some dedication, and a lot of know-how.  Some fine points are noted here. 

Damage like this is straightened with hammer and dolly rather than simply being filled in.




The same spot, after straightening.  If body filler is ever needed, it will just be a slight skim coat of the finest materials.




Rust spots like these are often hiding under an old car's paint.  Therefore, all restored metal is stripped of paint and any corrosion is eliminated.




This fender and stripped and ready for further work.




Exterior components are fitted snuggly and evenly.




Seals are installed with a perfect fit.




Door gaps are kept even top to bottom and side to side.




This paint was color sanded and polished to a high, mirror-like gloss.





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