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Aircooled Engine Builds

Complete engine overhauls for your vintage, aircooled Volkswagen Bug, Bus, or Karmann Ghia are available here at the Red Barn.  A typical overhaul often includes:

-Complete tear down
-Cylinder head inspection and basic valve job
-New piston rings
-Piston and connecting rod balancing
-New main bearings, camshaft bearings, and connecting rod bearings
-Case line bore inspection
-Crankshaft and camshaft: inspect for wear and straightness
-Crankshaft end play set
-Compression ratio set
-All new seals and gaskets

Brand new, zero mile engines are also available, as well as high performance modifications. 1600cc, 1641cc, 1776cc, etc.  All engines are built to order.

Note: If you do not have an engine core to rebuild and can not afford an all new, zero mile engine, I sometimes have good used parts around that we can use for your project.



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